4 Top Tips for Buying Tiles Online

Looking to buy tiles for your walls or floors online, but unsure as to where to turn, how to ensure you aren’t ripped off or how to stretch your budget?


If so, you are in the right place as the following four top tips cover all these major aspects of buying tiles online to ensure you stay safe, save money and as well find the perfect tiles, whatever you happen to be looking for.

  1. Buy from a Reputable Supplier

First and foremost, the best tip going when buying tiles online is to always ensure you buy via a reputable supplier such as the London Tile Shop. There is a wealth of perfectly reputable tile suppliers operating solely via the internet in 2017, such as the example given, and opting to buy via them is likely to save you a sizable amount of money, and as such stretch your budget which will potentially mean affording tiles you couldn’t when shopping on the high street.

The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, tile suppliers which opt to operate solely online are able to save a vast amount by forgoing the expenses of maintaining a high street shop –which involves costly overheads including council tax, utilities and rents or leases. In turn, these savings are passed onto buyers in order to secure customers, and plenty of them. Secondly, by cutting out the middle man, which is the role a high street tile showroom or store fulfils, customers consequently stand to save even more.

  1. Buy from the UK and via a Secure Connection

You may have noticed that the provider given as an example of a reputable and quality tile supplier in the previous tip is a UK based one. This is because, when buying tiles of any kind and material, a top tip is to only ever purchase from the country in which you live. This is a tip especially worth heeding if you live within the UK, in which a myriad of regulations apply in order to safeguard customers from falling prey to the small yet existent number of suppliers out there who are unscrupulous enough to punt tiles (and just about any product) with little to no regard as to its actual quality.

For this reason, and to reiterate: pay careful attention that the company you buy from, when buying in the UK, are a UK based supplier. Further, be diligent about ensuring that when you come to pay online that the top left-hand side of the address bar is highlighted in green if using Google Chrome as a browser. You can learn more about how and why it is important to see and recognise whether your connection to a website is secure and appears in green via the Online Tech Tips website article: HTTPS, SSL and the Green Address Bar.

Further, if you are using Google Chrome (the most popularly used browser), you will also see a small green padlock symbol appear in the address bar which you can see ahead of shopping online by visiting the Google Chrome Support site and article: Check if a Site’s Connection is Secure. The green padlock symbol denotes that the means by which you are about to pay is via a secured connection and that you can be sure your card details are protected.

Beyond being sure that you are buying from the UK and so protected under UK buying regulation and via a secure online connection, the benefits of buying in the UK (when living in the UK) are quite simple; should you require additional or replacement tiles purchasing or attaining them will be far easier and receiving them will take far less time than if you import tiles from a country outside of the UK.

  1. Make Use of a Tile Calculator

A mistake commonly made by those looking to replace existing wall or floor tiles of any kind is to count the number of tiles currently covering a wall or floor surface within your home. The problem with relying on this method is that there is no standard size by which tiles are cut or sold. Hence, your current tiles should never be used as a gauge when it comes to purchasing new ones.

Fortunately, accurately calculating the amount of any tile you choose and doing so ahead of buying it (and too ensure the amount you need does not exceed your budget) is an easy undertaking. This is true, no matter how little expertise you might have when it comes to buying or fitting new tiles.

By far the quickest, most efficient and easiest means of ensuring you purchase the correct amount of tiles for any job is to simply measure the space you are looking to tile with a standard workman’s tape measure and then refer to and make use of a free online tile calculator, such as that provided via the Calculator.net website.

  1. Buy in Excess

As reiterated via the Builder Direct website article: How to calculate Square Footage for Tile, most tile provider and suppliers consider it reasonable that up to 3% of the boxed tiles they supply are chipped of damaged. Further, it is not uncommon for those fitting or replacing tiles (even when relying on the experts to complete the job) to damage, wrongly cut, chip or otherwise break a further 1 to 5% of the tiles you buy. Then, a top tip and one well worth heeding is to purchase a surplus of tiles, whether buying online or via the high street.

Once you have used an online tile calculator to accurately work out the amount of tiles you need, the rule of thumb is to purchase an additional 10% of the overall amount in order to safeguard yourself against ending up a tile or two short. After all, ordering one or two tiles to complete a job whilst potentially keeping a professional hanging or else waiting yourself to finish the job is likely to cost you more time, stress and money than simply ordering one or two tiles to many. This is especially true when you consider the fact that these surplus tiles can be stored in case your current tiles ever become damaged or need replacing. Better yet, because this is an eventuality for those who aim to keep their tiles for the long haul, this will also save you the time and stress of having to order more of the same tiles or even find tiles appropriate for replacing current damaged tiles in the years to come.

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