Guide to Caring for your Lawn in Spring

As soon as winter is over, you instinctively start thinking about how to take care of your garden and lawn in spring, caring for your lawn in spring can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you do not get the right guidance and advice on how to go about it. It doesn’t really matter if you are a first time planter or someone who has been taking care of lawns and gardens for years, everyone could use some expert help when it comes to caring for lawns in spring.

The first thing you need to do is to do away with all the winter signs i.e. you need to first go through a clearing phase, this is simply known as spring cleaning, which is the first thing you should do as the first step of getting a great lawn in spring. If your lawn is dirty, grasses could die under piles of leaves due to lack of exposure to proper sunlight or other component needed for growth, cleaning the lawn and getting rid of any dirt that winter might have brought, is a good first step. You should also keep in mind that dead leaves can be used as fertilizer, so store the leaves somewhere, while you clean your lawn or garden.

The next thing you should do after thoroughly cleaning your lawn, is to look for the weeds, since your lawn is now clean, it will be easier for you to locate the weeds, you should dig up the weeds and pull them out by the root, doing so will ensure they don’t grow back, at least not after a short period of time. It’s important that you take the time to locate and eliminate weeds from your lawn, because your plants can not grow freely with weeds, besides, removing all the weeds, makes your lawn look more attractive and unique in spring or any other season.

After taking care of the weeds in your lawn, you should visit the gardening store close to you, going there can help you make informed decisions in terms of the type of plants to buy and some useful seed ideas, you could also consider getting some fertilizer or new blades for your lawn mower. This is also an opportunity to discover some new vegetables, flowers, fruits, and trees. You could get useful information such as how some plants are affected by varying climates, if they are suitable for planting in spring or not.

You do need to nurture the soil and any grass you want to keep, you should make sure you tiller the soil properly, to aerate it. The idea is to turn the soil over, so that new soil is exposed, making it ready for planting new plants, if needed.

Northwest Lawn Care Services can provide you with a free lawn analysis, weed control, lawn fertilization and so much more. When it comes to caring for your lawn in spring, you need all the expert advice you can get, in order to have your lawn look attractive all year round.

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