Infrared Saunas

There are plenty of saunas around the world, and plenty of different options when it comes to choosing the right one, but one of the best around these days are the infrared saunas.


Saunas in themselves bring plenty of health benefits to you, but infrared saunas give you many more benefits too, including:


Infrared saunas help the body by raising the core temperature, which in turn targets the toxins at your cellular level, providing a detoxifying, deep tissue sweat for your body.


Unlike your standard saunas, infrared saunas are not operated at harsh, red hot temperatures, but rather are more therapeutic and soothing.  This can help to aid good sleep and helps when it comes to relaxing.

Weight Loss

The heat that infrared saunas generate increases your core temperature.  This means that your body will then need to be working to lower this back down, in turn meaning that you will be burning calories due to the work required to get your core temperature down to a suitable level.  It is thought that infrared sauna sessions that last for around 30 minutes can burn around 600 calories.  Not bad at all when you consider the bigger picture!


Unlike your standard saunas, the infrared saunas have technology included that can help to clear your skin by eliminating toxins from your skin.  This can help increase circulation and aid healthier looking skin for you.

 Money Saving

It is well known that an infrared sauna will help you to cut down on your electricity bills, and can save you as much as up to two – thirds of what you would pay on a normal sauna.

There are plenty more benefits of infrared saunas that you can read about in your own time too which include: temperature settings, infrared levels (intensity of the infrared wavelengths), pain relief and being able to take your infrared sauna with you should you move premises / property, and many more.

As well as infrared saunas, there are also 6 person saunas and these are designed to do pretty much what they say and hold 6 people in them comfortably.   These saunas will allow you to host your friends and family, whilst ensuring that each person has a decent amount of room to themselves to move about and stretch out.  Furthermore, everybody will be able to benefit from a relaxing environment where they can relax with each other and wind down.

Again, 6 people saunas can be infrared too, which means you can have the best of both worlds together and receive all of the benefits in one product.

For further information on both infrared and 6 person saunas, please search on the internet for the top online sauna stores.

Infrared is the new standard in saunas, don’t get left behind.

photo credit: Sauna via photopin (license)

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