Some Organic Gardening Advice

Most persons who spend time cultivating their own gardens, do not recognize that the activity of gardening is actually a very good opportunity for family to strengthen their bonds. Organic gardening should be enjoyed by all members of the family, from the parents to the youngest sibling. Our first piece of organic gardening advice therefore for gardeners, is that the entire family should be engaged, to ensure that the experience is both meaningful and worthwhile.


Recently, growers have been gravitating more to going organic, especially as it relates to growing vegetables. As people look more for a healthy lifestyle which is becoming the ideal, they prefer to consume vegetables that are free of toxins such as chemical fertilizers and insecticides.

If you are just starting, or you are planting a garden for the first time and encounter problems with weeds and pests, you may decide to visit the store to purchase a can of chemical pesticide or herbicide. Do not succumb to this urge to spray to kill, as most of the time your garden does not need chemicals that are so strong at all. What they need is just some assistance from you in order to flourish and grow. Simple weeds need to be pulled out by hand, especially if they have just started to sprout from out of the soil. If the weeds are removed early when they are young, then your plants will grow stronger and inevitably the weeds will be eliminated. They will still grow even if there are weeds, as it will not matter.

With pests, it is the same thing. When you observe bugs in your garden, damaged leaves or some beetles flying here and there, you need not be alarmed. Put away the can of pesticide spray, because by using pesticide in your gardens, you are killing the beneficial insects in addition to the pests.

What are beneficial insects? These are insects that feed on other insects or other animals whose diet includes insects. If beneficial insects or friendly animals are allowed to enter your garden, then the damage from other insects will be reduced significantly. You will also find that insects will not become immune to chemical pesticides.

If the presence of pests that cause damage to your plants still persists, and your garden does not improve, then you can apply concoctions that are environmentally friendly to your plants, in an effort to effectively drive away the pests from your prized plants. An ingenious way to eliminate those pesky pests is with a diluted mix of water and soap.

You can mix a tablespoon of liquid dish soap with a half gallon of water, and spray this solution on the plants in your garden. You need to remember that this mixture is not as powerful or potent as most pesticides. You may need to spray a couple of times to make this homemade solution work effectively on your garden.

Yet another piece of advice is to acquire your seeds from organic workers. This will ensure that the seeds are free of disease and will result in the provision of a good harvest.

Another good tip for good organic gardening is to plant directly into the ground. It is possible to create a successful garden using containers; however, you will need to take care of the plants more frequently when they are kept in garden containers. As time progresses your plants will outgrow the containers and more time will be required for maintenance and care.

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