Tips on Choosing a Landscape Gardener


When it comes to choosing a landscape gardener, you may want to consider quite a few things because you are going to have to live with their work for many years to come.  Because of this, we have compiled a list of some of the most important things to consider when choosing one.  Please read on, and ensure you consider:

  • Writing a brief for your project – By having things down in writing, any contractor you peak to regarding the work will have your expectations there in front of them.
  • Research contractors – By researching into contractors you will be able to build up a bigger picture of them and their work, as well as being able to check how reputable and safe they are (via online reviews).
  • Your budget – Ensure that the amount of money (in other words, your budget) is something that your landscaper is willing to work within, as if not it may be worth looking elsewhere to find one that will.
  • Quality of work – A biggie this one. Definitely ask any landscape artist you are considering to show you some before and after pictures of previous works as this can help to clarify that they are the correct person for you to be dealing with and trusting with you garden.  The better the quality of work on previous properties, the better your property’s chance of turning out well, so this area plus your budget are the big things to consider.
  • Willingness to provide information – a reputable landscape gardener should be very accommodating when it comes to providing a quote for your works, and they should also be quite forthcoming with suggestions and ways of getting the job done. If they are reserved, this could be a bad sign in some instances, so it is always best to use someone that is willing to be open, approachable, and upfront with you so that you can begin to trust them and have total confidence that they are going to do what you want them to.

Of course, there are other things to consider, as well as a whole host of things not to do (such as asking to pay cash to avoid VAT – massive room for problems to occur this way), but providing you use the above discussed points as a guideline to selecting a landscape gardener then you shouldn’t go far wrong. Remember, the choice of landscape gardener is a big one to make, so please do your research thoroughly as we would hate to hear of you suffering from enlisting a rogue trader to assist you.

If you need to check anything out, or ask any further questions then please feel free to speak with me, or alternatively use the internet or speak to your preferred landscape gardener to obtain the answers.

Remember, choose wisely as you will be looking at the work they produce for the next however many years, so you need to ensure it is what you want!

photo credit: A view into the garden. via photopin (license)

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