Wall Tiles – Consider Adding An Accent Wall To Your Room

Wall tiles basically come in a variety of tile materials, although ceramic tiles seem to be the most popular type out there, there are other types such as gloss and matt. This type of wall tile can make your room look amazingly good, but adding an accent wall to your room will definitely make your room stand out.

Painting the room in one colour is basically a good choice, however, many individuals love to add accent walls to interiors, be it kitchen, living room or bathroom. Using accent walls can present a spectacular look to your room. Although many people consider accent walls as adding one strong colour to a room with a white painting, this doesn’t have to be the case, you could choose one single colour for two of your walls and a different one for your accent walls, this kind of combination could work great. Adding accent walls to your room is a great way of giving your room a new look.

Anytime you consider adding an accent wall to your room, choosing the right accent colour can be a daunting task, but if you are able to go through and pick a colour, the outcome is always going to be fascinating in the end. Let’s go through some few points you need to put in mind when choosing an accent wall for your room.

The first thing you should do is look for a wall in your home, that is within eyesight from another room, it will be remarkable if you pick a wall that can also be seen, looking from another room. Consider putting the accent wall on the first wall you see when you enter the room, it could be in your bathroom or living room.

Secondly, choosing the right colour could take a tremendous amount of time, think of the best wall to put the contrasting colour, this could be some focal point like the wall where your fireplace is situated, if you have one, or an entry point to your home, where furniture are arranged. It would be great to choose a colour that goes with your furniture style and colour. In order to ensure your accent wall stands out, you should remember that best results are achieved if all the walls are painted, so you don’t want to paint one part of the wall and leave the rest or paint with a different colour entirely. Look for colours of the same shade; you could use a lighter one if your walls are dark.

The third tip to consider if you want to have your room stand out is to paint your ceiling with a slightly lighter colour or with the same colour as the surrounding walls. Remember that painting it with a dark colour always makes the room look smaller or feel enclosed. It is also important to note that you can make use of wallpapers on your accent walls, not only paint. You need to consider the balance of colours in the room, take the kitchen as an example; there should be a balance of colour with your cupboards, use a wall accent that agrees with the surrounding, to get the best possible results. Adding an accent wall to your room is guaranteed to produce outstanding results if you do it right, it will leave your room with a wonderful new look.

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