Window Cleaning Freshens Up Homes & Keeps You Healthy

The perfect time to get your windows cleaned is during Spring or Fall. Especially, if you have plans to freshen up your home before summer or winter hits; a lot of people love freshening up before the seasons change, so, you’re not alone.


Clean windows will make your home look welcoming and pleasing on the outside. If you ever find yourself calling the carpet cleaners, then it’s important to remember it’s equally as important to keep your windows free from hard water stains, that could potentially lessen the value of your home. Glass that gets all hazy will end up costing you more money in the long-term.


It’s important to take into consideration where you live, when deciding how many times a year to clean your windows. A lot of people tend to do it twice a year but if you live in a house that sits in wooded areas or that’s anywhere near construction, you might want to get them cleaned a little more often. But on average a home owner will do a cleaning twice a year, just to keep things nice and clear.

Did you know that if your windows are clear it allows for more sunlight? This can help families who struggle with depression and anxiety. Having clean windows goes beyond just appearance, especially when it can save you money and keep you healthy, check out some of the benefits of clean windows and getting Vitamin D from the Sun:

  • Beneficial for skin disorders
  • Sunlight has been proven to lower cholesterol
  • The Sun kills bacteria.
  • The Sun’s rays can lower blood pressure
  • Sunlight increases oxygen content in humans blood
  • The Sun helps build the immune system
  • Regular sunlight increases the growth and height of children

CTS can help you with both your carpet cleaning and professional window cleaning. What better way to keep your house fresh and clean; while keeping your family healthy and happy.

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